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MAMSAMS is Mr & Mrs Sterbus and Mr Storey, and if you don't know who *they* are, then you clearly haven't been paying attention during 'Watch with Mother'. Here, they take the idea of a 'remix' to a crazy conclusion, by deciding to use two tracks, and merge them together like some kind of bastard Frankenstein-type musical monster. They do this, and we love them for it. Because art.

Sterbus is the italian Sterbus!

Brilliantly featured in this amazing remodeling of two of the best 7shades tunes you will find the lovely hearts and souls of:

Dominique D'Avanzo: backing vocals, clarinets, recorder, harmonica;
Noel Storey: Grand piano
Neil Spragg: drums und über-vocals
Libbertine Spragg: lead vocals
Emanuele Sterbini: guitar, bass, backing vocals, chords-hunter

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Francesco Grammatico @ Dbrs Recording Studio, 15th october 2016.

"When I found Sterbus, I knew it was safe to stop looking. His music is like nothing else, filled with majestic highs and brooding lows, sculpting the air with his compositions as a true artist, taking big, broad strokes of genius. A sonic painter, if you will. The songs on his latest release are incredible feats of emotion and power, rivalling that of the masters, more searing than Lennon, more hopeful than Newman, better glasses than Elton. This is fused with wonderful, off-kilter approaches to instrumentation, featuring virtuosic guitar playing and beautifully melodic vocal lines…it makes me feel like I’m on top of a mountain. A Tibetan Monastery, perhaps. Steve Vai is making the tea. His influence from the mighty Tim Smith is evident, but this is not painfully derivative like so many bands of this marvellous niche – Sterbus is a man of integrity, paying homage in a subtle, poignant way. Quite where Sterbus can go next is anyone’s guess, but I think it is the general consensus that he can do no wrong, musically at least. If you haven’t heard it yet…well, I feel for you. " Joe Inkpen

"Sterbus is from Rome, but his musical heart is in the shaggier, dreamier end of 1990s Britpop and American indie rock (Blur and Cardiacs, Elliott Smith and Nirvana, Supergrass and Pavement) and also delves happily into prime prog (with King Crimson, Zappa, Porcupine Tree and the fuzzier rockier chunks of the Canterbury scene). Self-releasing – and working mainly solo – he’s mixed this menu into a series of albums of warm double-jointed odd pop. Returning to the Fighting Cocks for his second Smith benefit gig, he’s performing in duet with his regular band foil Dominique D’Avanzo (him on guitar, her on clarinet, recorder and mouth harp, and both of them singing) for what he describes as “something very Sea Nymph-y and full of chords that Tim would love." (Dann Chinn, Misfits City)

"Sterbus owns all the original albums by Frank Zappa - over 100! - and even listen to them! But it also has all records of Blur and Pavement, Cardiacs and Guided By Voices, and loves them as much as its cheese. A Leonard Zelig of the italian indie scene? The Alighiero Noschese, the low-fidelity duke of the pop-prog? What matters are his albums? As the nursery mixes the colors of the tubes to form a mappazza indistinguishable, so Sterbus whirls his influences, with results never heard before, which can be a horrible torture or an agony without equal, according to the music opinion leaders you read more." (this is me)

He opened fro William D Drake in Rome and played three Tim Smith benefits!
He's also featured on the Tim Smith tribute album Loyal Companion....

Listen to his cover of Dirty Boy here!

...and also Gina Lollobrigida

And finally, you can look for him on Facebook and find all of his splendid albums on bandcamp!


from Bursting (exploded), released October 24, 2016
Libbertine Spragg: vocals
Neil Spragg: vocals, drums
Dominique D'Avanzo: recorder, harmonica, clarinets, backing vocals
Noel Storey: piano
Sterbus: guitar, bass, backing vocals



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7shades Hereford, UK

Originally formed in 2013 to pay tribute to the music of Tim Smith and Cardiacs, by playing music that aims to capture some of their unique (and much-missed) spirit. Psychedelic, punk, prog & pop in roughly equal measures, and taking in many other influences en route, it should appeal to anyone with a love for unusual music played with conviction by people who really should know better! ... more

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