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Seven shades (of shit)

by 7shades

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    300 copies only, professionally replicated, in a jewel case with full colour 8 page booklet, featuring original artwork from John Spragg, Brent Riley & Mick Russon

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Permutations 03:28
I've got chewing gum in my hair again Itchy feet to beat the street again Are you knocking on the door again? Everything again, again, AGAIN! Weather turns to pissing rain again I can't think or hear or scream again It's all I can do to start again Everything again, again, AGAIN! If you ask me how or why again I might make you blub and cry again There's no need for hissy fits again Everything again, again, AGAIN! Someone's in the bloody news again Saying how they'll save the world again I don't think the sun will rise again Everything again, again, AGAIN! Dog is barking down the road again Talking heads all making gas again Never found my special place again Everything again, again, AGAIN! Scrawling bollocks I can shout again Over-thought and over-done again Far too many steps to climb again Everything again, again, AGAIN! Other peoples' boring lives again Endless tales of shitty wit again Shakespeare turning in his grave again Everything again, again, AGAIN! Shooting strangers in the head again Toxic warpath to the shops again Karma looks the other way again Everything again, again, AGAIN!
Strangled 04:50
Every dog has its day unless there is no day for the dog It tries so hard but never finds a way to scramble through the trees Strangled by the never ending rope that tightens round its throat And it's a shame that's no way you should end up if you are a dog. If you run before you walk you might just trip and hurt yourself Or end up with the path behind you and no sign to show the way Stop and smell the roses while the garden has some flowers in You never know when rain falls dark the smelling might not be so good. Sing if you can sing or shout if you can really, really shout Leap around and make as if you have a clue what it's about No-one here gets out alive unless they live life in reverse And crawl back to the womb if they can find a way that's not perverse. Every dog has its day unless there is no day for the dog…
Equivocating, prevaricating, fence sitting…not Postulating, oscillating, undulating…not Undecided, un-de-cided… Indeterminate, ambiguous, obscured…not Ambivalent, evasive, vascillating…not Undecided, un-de-cided, undecided Undecided Postulating, oscillating, undulating…not Indeterminate, ambiguous, obscured…not Undecided, un-de-ci-ded……………….not Timmy is having a party. Everyone is in the garden. The space spies hide in the bushes. The superheroes hide in the bushes too. “One, two, three,” counts Timmy. “One, two,” and three superheroes, “One, two, three.” “I’m a space spy.” says Alan. “I’m a space spy too,” says Paul. “And me!” says Nicky. “Wow, space spies!” say all the children. Alan, Paul & Nicky have name badges on their space suits like real astronauts. Timmy never knew their real names before. He thinks that Alan Harwood, Nicky Wojciechowski and Paul Bagley are funny names! “The space spies win first prize for their costumes!” says The Judge. It’s time to open the presents. “Wow! There are lots of boxes.” Says Timmy There was a toy mouse that sang hymns, coloured pencils that squeaked and a bright red jacket with tassels. Timmy loved tassels. At last he came to the final gift, which was very big and felt squishy. He read the tag on the present, it was from The Judge. His name was Phil Cook. Timmy never knew that. He unwrapped it carefully. It was a huge furry eel that The Judge had bought from the antiques shop down the road. It’s previous owner had stuffed him into the washing machine one day by mistake and in the right light he looked a bit scary, even to Timmy. It smelled a bit funny too, and its eyes pointed the wrong way, but Timmy loved it. "Can I keep him Mum? Can I? Can I? Can I? "I'm not sure Timmy," replied his Mum. "You already have a wooden hamster and three pink fish" The Judge looked sternly at Timmy’s Mum, and she forgot what she was saying. “Time for a game of hide and seek” she said. The Judge took all the children in the house, and Timmy went and hid behind the shed. All his friends stayed in the house with The Judge watching strange films, and poor Timmy fell asleep waiting to be found. It turned out to be a very long game. When Timmy woke up he was very hungry. Time for party food! Everyone ate crisps, jelly, icecream and cherries.
Too much rhubarb, not enough custard, Too much hot dog, not enough mustard, Too much McFly and too much Busted, This shit should make you all disgusted Too much oopsie, not enough daisy, Too much normal, not enough crazy, Too much of everything making us lazy, Sense is getting rather hazy Too much then and not enough now, Too much zen and not enough POW, Too much ‘meh’ and not enough WOW, With all these fools trying to tell us how Too much face and not enough book, Too much plan and not enough luck, Too much blow and too much suck, And so many who don’t give a fuck But it’s not over until the bearded lady sings Every note drawn from that special dusty book she brings Hidden in plain sight for every one of us to see As all that is and was shall be, a curious family tree Too much ying and not enough yang, Too much pop and not enough bang, Too much the bearded lady sang, Step off the chair, it’s time to hang Too much talk and not enough do, Too much dumpling and not enough stew, Too much old and not enough new, It’s time to take a broader view Too much paper and not enough weight, Too much average and not enough great, Not enough love, far too much hate, The game is over at this rate Too much of everything today Too much, and for it we will pay Too much for all of us to stay Get in the rocket ships – AWAY!
Malletface 06:59
I'll take a mallet to your face if you don't stop those fucking lies Words drop like turds into the bowl, but still you think you're fucking wise The hate you spread is bought like fizzy pop, so easy and so cheap In 20 years we'll see the truth of it, you sow what we shall reap Another reason to believe, another reason not to doubt Another reason to dig deep inside your soul and rip it out An endless stream of vacant flesh, a mindless army soldiers on Another day is done, and then a year, and then all time is gone.
Glimmer 07:15
Spark then no spark Enters room dark Sound and light creep Into lake deep Try to break through No path for you Sending signals Cunt hand struggles So much inside Each day time bide Counting, waiting Dislocating
All the things that don't exist are falling in over my head It makes it hard to breathe sometimes when there is mud all in my mouth A seven-pointed star with voices screaming how the end might come With rainbow dragon breath and every waking nightmare seen to be Join the firmament with dust as dust is where we came, and go Opinion or belief it makes no odds to stars or galaxies As all give up the rules that bind the light shines through a piercing shaft And every last truth blown away to leave one core, the here, the now. Take your proof and put it over There is no way I'm buying into That joke has been done a thousand Times change, but the path is Clear truth can be hard to Find your own and make it Work like you have never ever Done deeds good bad who is it can Say why you think there is Time left of its own accord
Slided 03:45
To and fro and up and down and back and forth and come and go and by and by and by and by and by and by and by and by… Slided past like slippy eel with gleaming eye and slimy tail oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why… There and here and in and out and left and right and far and near and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round….. Never stops to show its face just hiding in its secret place and down and down and down and down and down and down and down and down... Start and end and high and low and push and pull and stop and go
Every year there's more to make you shout it Takes a certain kind of dumb to doubt it There's no need for fists though war is near Only those who should have much to fear It takes a million or more before there's anything to show You'll never get there on your own the path is dangerous and slow But maybe one day or the next or maybe some day after that The power falls and that will be the end of it and that is that Take your pick from all the fools on offer They don't care it's just more in the coffer Puppet A says he's the one to do it But of course he's full of shit, you knew it It takes a million or more before there's anything to show You'll never get there on your own the path is dangerous and slow But maybe one day or the next or maybe some day after that The power falls and that will be the end of it and that is that Time is near, or nearer than before Each time someone opens up that door They can feel their tower start to crumble Now it's more than just a distant rumble It takes a million or more before there's anything to show You'll never get there on your own the path is dangerous and slow But maybe one day or the next or maybe some day after that The power falls and that will be the end of it and that is that
Fancier 07:08
(And I found a place where there were pigeons, and animals of all kinds, and they were there on the grass – moving – and I saw in their eyes, there was a look of disdain, I didn’t know what to do, so I went around them into the woods, where I found more animals…but these were different…I saw in their eyes, there was a look of acceptance…and I knew…that they would take me with them…)
Silk ear 04:59
Ugly 04:50
You're as ugly as the rest Couldn't pass that simple test Shut your mouth it's for the best Brain is dead in every way TV coma night and day You don't know the price you pay Others suffer, you don't care You have no idea of fair Suck the truth up if you dare Fuck you and your selfish mind Evil is as evil find You're the one who's left behind Ugly is as ugly does...


Let's make this quite simple. Cardiacs are my favourite band of all time...and as with everyone who loves Cardiacs, I am deeply saddened by the state that Tim Smith finds himself in. For those that don't know, in 2008 he suffered a devastating heart attack and stroke, and has been left with all mental faculties intact, but unable to control his body as he would like. Hence he requires full-time care, and this is an expensive business.

This album came about through a desire to do a fund-raiser for Tim, a plan which came to fruition via a Pledge Music campaign which raised over £1,000 for him...

The music was all written, by myself, as a very direct tribute to Tim's music and the music of Cardiacs - my hope being that fans of his unique style might be reminded in parts by the sound and style of my efforts. In the absence of any new Cardiacs material, I wanted to try and fill that gap in the best way I can. Realising that there was no way I could ever really do that, I'm hoping that there will be small glimmers of that influence in this album, and that it might raise a smile with Cardiacs fans when they hear them. Of course, the album is inevitably shot through with influences from a myriad of other sources, and I hope that these all bring something interesting to the table too :-)


released January 17, 2014

- 7shades are -

Neil Spragg - Drums, vocals, electronics
Andy Read - Guitar
Libbertine Vale - Vocals, trumpet
Joshua Ryan - Guitar
Lance Ruffoon - Bass
Louis Clark - Keyboards (in absentia)

Conceived in 2013 & 2014 at Toleman & Sparrington Studios
Drums kindly recorded by Steven Wattison in Worcester, UK
Engineered, produced and mauled by Neil Spragg at Broken Studios
Mastered by Mark Cawthra at Infallible Ear, except tracks 5 & 6
which were mastered by Neil Spragg at Broken Studios
Bass on track 1 by Craig Wood
Vocal & words on track 4 (pt.1) by David Thrussell
Extra guitars, bass and vocals on tracks 6 & 10 by Ian Sherwen & Neil McAuley
Toothbrush guitar on track 7 by Spragg & Read
Singing on track 6 by Alfie
Otherwise, all music & words by Neil Spragg, augmented by 7shades
Artwork by John Spragg (booklet front), Brent Riley (booklet back) & Mick Russon (the rest)
CD X-ray image of GX 339-4 courtesy of Andy Read
Photography by Cai Broom
More info - www.7shades.me.uk or email info@7shades.me.uk

7shades would like to extend the deepest gratitude and maximum laudation to everyone who made this project possible by pledging actual real money - you are all stars, made of stars!

In chronological order -

Harry Collison, Jonathan Smith, Martin Stenson, Paul Rhodes, Tracy Norton,Rob Edwards, Mark Holland, Allan Murphy, David Beck, Richard Crossley, Andrew Spragg, Kevin Bolton, Pete Bennett, Phil Oates, Mark Benson, Stuart Minal, Holmes Jordan-Read, Paul Heron, Rob Sim, Chris Owen, Samuel Heron, Michael McGregor, Rebecca Serella, Graham Russell, David Merchant, Dave Martin, Graham Newnham, Andy Killeen, Henry Osborne, Steve Bishop, Bert Hilhorst, Darren Chaney, Andy Jones, Sarah Donnelly, Kenny Bannister, John Mooney, Hywel Williams,
Mikey Poole, Stephen Randall, Daniel Jervis, David Stainer, Jeff Mumford, Rob Anderson, Ian Sherwen, Donna Goulding, Tristan Rowley, Alan Harwood, Paul Cartlidge, Paul Bagley, Stephen Howard, Pete Smith, Alice Gregory, Stephen Barton, Tom Rutter, George Rhone,
Neil McAuley, Peta Foley,Flora Bertolli, Jonathan Leach, Sean Cooke, Denise Adamson, Jens Freymuth, Gav Bolton, Marco Zatterin, Tim Wright, Pete Moltesen, Andrew Holland, Tina Starmer, Susan Askew, Stuart Browne, Caroline Read, Hugh Hackett, Kenneth Halsey, Dan Tighe, Paul Hudson, Matt Gidley, Rob Stow, Rob Valentini, Nicky Wojciechowski, Rob Bollard, Phil Kelsall, Nik Wells, Karl Pillage, Andrew Cotterill, Geoff Taylor, Camillo Antonini, Tim Rogers, Jude Oliver, Kristian Hartridge, Michael Holloway, Doris Woo, Gary Bowden, Ben Davies, Chris Wishart, Helen Foulds, Jason Hanford-Smith, Stephen Adams, Mikael Danielsson, Johnathan Whitehead, Niki Phillips Brownlow, Andy Hooper, Tommy van Arsdale, Charlie Short, Nigel Mackerras, Steven Leigh, Massimo Sposaro, Craig Palmer, Neil Dube, Berend Dijk, Graham Sewell, Daz Hull, Ade Schofield, Nige Moore, Steven Wattison, Craigus Barry, Neil Findlay

Extra-special love and wet kisses to every Cardiac for bringing us here,
and to those with an enquiring mind and an inquisitive ear for music

...but above all, for The Leader of the Starry Skies...

x For Tim x


all rights reserved



7shades Hereford, UK

Psychedelic, punk, prog & pop in roughly equal measures, and taking in many other influences en route, 7shades might appeal to anyone with a love for unusual music played with conviction by people who really should know better!

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